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The Suffolk Book League is a charitable organisation which has survived successfully over 40 years due to the hard work of volunteers, particularly those who have been active on its various committees. The archives do not allow for the compiling of a comprehensive list of these people but those who have kindly provided their memories give an indication of the work involved.

The archives do however allow for the compilation of those chairs of the Suffolk Book League who have overseen the various committees in their work and as you can see from the following list there haven’t been that many. This list does not include the occasional deputy chair or acting chair.

Ipswich & Suffolk Book League

1982 -1984 Norman Scarfe

1984 - 1985 Dick Tucker

Suffolk Book League

1986 - 1991 James MacGibbon

1991 - 1994 Richard (Dick) Woollett

1994 - 1999 Anne Parry

1999 – 2016 Brian Morron

2016 - 2021 Jacquie Knott

2021 – Present Keith Jones

Similarly, there have been a limited number of presidents over the years.

Ipswich & Suffolk Book League

1982 – 1985 Norman Scarfe

Suffolk Book League

1985 - 1994 Peter du Sautoy

1994 - 1998 James MacGibbon

1998 - 2003 Norman Scarfe

2003 – Present Margaret Drabble

Thanks to everyone who has helped to keep the Suffolk Book League active for so long.


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