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The Art of Words

I want to paint with words,

Like great artists sculpt with colour,

Intrinsically encapsulating the essence of their eye,

Conveying emotional complexity,

Upon great waves of visual feasting.

I would like to paint with words,

Craft worlds,

Conjuring great landscapes onto canvas,

Rocky peaks, fathomless crevasses and stippled shade,

From the flowing, streaming,

Effervescent river of my watercolour pen.

I want to paint with words,

Capturing portraits,

Towering triumphal,

carving faces into plausible perpetuity,

Calligraphic Characters, sweeping and swirling,

Twisting and twirling into existence,

Getting to know them, friend or foe,

Chained to the page from head to toe.

I crave to paint with words,

Like sculpting oils, knifing composition,

Seeing and seething,

Waring and awing,

Illuminating you, as to my intentions,

My designs,

Brushing my artful lyrics,

Into a masterpiece of palpable, lexical might.

James Phillips


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