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Primadonna Festival 2023

Primadonna is an inclusive, non-profit organisation which was created to support female writers. It’s a vibrant three-day festival held at the Food Museum in Stowmarket and celebrates all things to do with writing. Each year it has delivered what can only be described as written and spoken genius. I had the privilege of visiting over two days this year (even though the camping option was tempting) and I was yet again blown away by all that Primadonna delivered. Primadonna displays an abundance of talent across a multitude of stands; the day is filled with creative arts from the early morning well-being walks, to the late night comedy shows. Throughout the day hourly conversations with writing professionals, spoken word performances and even the opportunity to attend the open mic events are available. When it’s time for a rest, independent food businesses are dotted around the venue for you to enjoy and support.

Working closely with the University of Suffolk, I had the honour of watching the ‘The Firsts’ awards ceremony, which encourages the younger generation to begin their writing journey. It was great to hear the beginning of young people’s stories, based on the theme of ‘a happily ever after’, and to bask in the pride of their achievement. It was a pleasure to witness, and also to hear the feedback from the wonders that are Patrice Lawrence and Ashley Hickson-Lovence. Making Primadonna a place of encouragement to younger generations brings a stronger sense of inclusiveness to this well-known venue, and it provides what the writing

community strives for: a diverse, creative event.

I will continue to attend Primadonna every year, and I can only praise them for continuing to encourage and strengthen the art of writing. If you’ve just started to delve into writing, Primadonna encourages a supportive audience, regardless of your background, within the writing community. Not only is Primadonna a great celebration of the art of words, it’s a celebration of how people can come together to support one another.

Gabrielle Stones


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