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Local Authors

We are delighted to partner with Andrew Marsh from Dial Lane, Ipswich’s only independent bookshop. Andrew runs a pop-up book shop at our events and is active in advertising Suffolk Book League. He is also enthusiastic about promoting local authors. We asked him to list 40 local writers in celebration of our 40th Anniversary. Typically generous, Andrew added a few extras. You might want to visit his shop and ask him about some of the titles he chose. They are listed in no particular order; he could have provided us with dozens more.

We live in a very rich, prolific literary landscape.

Potkin and Stubbs – Sophie Green

The Levelled – Jon Bryant

The Penguin Killer – Ste Sharp

Parochial Pigs – James Jenkins

This Fearful Thing – L M West

Song Beneath The Tides – Beverley Birch

The Graveyard Riddle – Lisa Thompson

At the End of the Rainbow – Vibeke Flatman

May’s Stony Road – Beryl Brown

12 Months to I Do – Victoria Fenn

Under A Wartime Sky – Liz Trenow

Mendelevski’s Box – Roger Swindells

I’m Your Man – Sam Broadley

Girl Reading – Katie Ward

22 Britannia Road – Amanda Hodgkinson

Left Behind – Elske Howeler

The Kingdom – Susan Pennock

The Furniture of Christchurch Mansion – Paul Bruce

Spending A Penny in Southwold – Sue Thompson

The Devil’s Dye – Jeni Neill

The Isle of Elshivido – Timothy Howard

Thirty Angry Ghosts – Mai Black

The Psionic Power – Mark Simmons

The Sun and the Shadow – Ilya Ellis

The Fibsquiddler – Nigel Copley

Evie Bowman and the Rock from Mars – David Elmer

Generations of Love – Wendy Pulford

House of Correction – Nicci French

The Stranding – Kate Sawyer

Pride in Suffolk’s Past – Suffolk Archives

Suffolk Folk: An Anthology – MA students at the University of Suffolk

Thank You and Goodnight – Rob Ford

Florilegia – Annabel Dover

On The Edge – M J Glenn

The Skin – J E Hannaford

The Little Blue Door – Francesca Catlow

Then the Khmer Rouge Came – Marie Madeleine Kenning

Contemplating Comedy – Jonathan Levitt

Kingdom in Peril – Lora Gridneva

Running Out of Time – Mark Lankaster

East Coast Blues – John Eves

Turn ‘Em All On, Then Turn ‘Em All Down – Shane Kirk

Above the Law – Adrian Bleese

Ogo Pogo and the Goblin’s Quest – Deb Mawson

Sooty’s Big Adventure – Fiona Knox

Ellie and the Cupcakes – Amanda Kidd

Gordon’s Favourite Place – Heidi Franklin


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