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Five books chosen by Patrick Barkham

Sea Change by Jessica Streeting – a coming-of-age and a coming-to-grief memoir in the form of an epic prose poem, this is beautifully written and heartbreaking. Set in Norfolk but don't let that put you off! My favourite book of 2021/22 – I strongly recommend it!

Regenesis by George Monbiot – extremely thoroughly researched look at our crazy global food system and how we might grow food without destroying the planet. I don't agree with it all but by the time you read this the debate over this book will have been raging all summer.

Underland by Robert Macfarlane – Britain's leading contemporary nature writer at the peak of his powers, with an ambitious, global exploration of the caverns beneath our feet and within our minds.

Being a Beast by Charles Foster – the most original nature writer in Britain attempts to live like a badger (and succeeds), tries to get into the mind of a swift (and fails) in this audacious, funny, mind-altering read.

Life at Walnut Tree Farm by Rufus Deakin and Titus Rowlandson – interesting history of Roger Deakin's home in Mellis, north Suffolk, with beautiful photographs.


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